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Winning the Peace in Custody

A problem many of my custody clients struggle with is what to do when the litigation is over. We've amassed volumes of material about the other side, fortified our own position with evidence, exhibits, and witnesses to show how we…

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Two DUIs in One Night?

How can someone possibly get two DUIs in one night? It happens more often than you might expect. Most of us know that alcohol reduces inhibitions. We usually think of this in terms of a drunk being overly affectionate or…

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How did the TASER get its name?

What does a TASER have to do with early 20th century juvenile fiction? The name itself, for a start. Inventor and erstwhile arms dealer Jack Cover came up with a new, more humane way for police and others to subdue assailants and offenders.…

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What is a Meth Lab?

A recent article in the local fishwrap raised alarms around our community. "State College man arrested, charged with running meth lab in Park Forest house," screamed the headline! Over the past several days, a number of people have asked me…

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